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Son of Death's employer. You constantly forget me... do come see me, too. -Styx

||M!A status- None, but accepting for both muses.||

((Will RP with anybody. Indies are all in AUs unless discussed and stated otherwise. All fandoms and OCs and Canon-Characters all accepted))

P.S. Might be NSFW in different ways.

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Darcen ran out of a shadow in the dakness of an alleyway in London… hopefully. He looked around for any sign of life and saw a girl just looking at him as he appeared. He walks over to her.”Hey, um, where exactly am I?” He asks, not exactly sure seeing as this wouldn’t be the first time Shadow Travel screwed up.

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    "I’ll already be in trouble," she mumbles against his shoulder. "What does it matter if I can’t leave the house? We...
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    "I don’t want you to be in trouble. Imagine, next time I come back, you won’t be allowed out. They will find you....