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((Will RP with anybody. Indies are all in AUs unless discussed and stated otherwise. All fandoms and OCs and Canon-Characters all accepted))

P.S. Might be NSFW in different ways.

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A greyface had given him a younger version of himself to babysit and it was far from fun. He had to get him down from the cupboards and doors adn teh roof of the cabina  LOT! It was infuriating. He sets him down on the bed once again and yells “Would you sit still for one damned minute?!” As he grips at hsi hair exasperatedly. His younger self simply sticks out his tongue at him.

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    "I have one because of the greyfaces. M!As really annoy me." He says with a asigh and then he smirks at her. "Alright,...
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    She nods her head again. “Alright. Why do you have eight-or-nine-year-old you?” She smiles. “I wish I was eight years...